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Inspiring pet parents to make informed decisions for their animals

Hello y'all! I am Dr. Maria Bonavita, a veterinarian in North Carolina and proud mom to Gio and dog mom of Miya and Wayne. I graduated from the University of Florida in May 2022 and moved to North Carolina shortly after. In January of 2021, I had an idea to start an Instagram page where my dogs teach other pet parents about common diseases encountered in veterinary medicine. The account has developed into a nice mixture of pet parent education, pre-vet advice, and cute dog pictures. 

Our first puppy is a spunky, 5 year old rescue dog named Miya! We adopted her from Haile's Angels Pet Rescue a week after I began vet school in 2018 and she hasn't lost energy since! Some of her favorite things to do are snuggle on the couch, do zoomies in the ocean, and play with her brother. 

Wayne is the baby of the family! He is a 2 year old #pandemicpuppy and a harlequin Great Dane! My husband, Brady, has always wanted a Great Dane so being at home all the time seemed like the right time to get a puppy! Wayne is a super goofy boy who loves playing with other puppies, getting butt scratches, and hanging with his family. 

Brady and I have been married since 4/3/21 and celebrated with friends and family on 6/4/22! He is absolutely my number one supporter. I likely wouldn't have had the guts to start this without him! He is an FP&A manager and is extremely good at what he does. He loves to hang out with our play golf, video games with his buddies that he moved away from, and watch football on Sundays!

We are all very excited that you are here and are always open to topic suggestions. If there is anything you would like to learn more about, head over to our contact page!

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